100 Things

SB of Watermark was bitten by the “100 thing…” meme, which she proceeded to answer in a whimsical, humorous, and charming way. As she wrote, This is a narcissistic exercise; who would want to know 100 things about a stranger on the Internet?. Rather than sit, looking into the pond, she entered the phrase, “SB is…”, into a Google search, and then summarized the results of what she found.

Speaking of 100 things Seth Finkelstein writes on the burden of a Wikipedia entry, and a recent discussion on whether his entry should be deleted. I can empathize and agree with Seth, but for opposite reasons: what if one’s Wikipedia bio sits, like an immovable stone not even gathering moss? Wouldn’t it be better to be to show some signs of wear over time than to show a smooth, unchanging face, no matter how pleasant?

There are actually far worse things that can happen to the bio of a living person than trolls saying something nasty. Come to think on it, the same thing can be said about the person, directly.

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