More knee problems

I’m barely able to walk today. In fact, my lack of mobility is a bit scary as well as frustrating as walking and hiking are some of my favorite activities. Not to mention essential when you’re living alone. Tomorrow I’ll call the PT and tell her we have to act quickly. In fact, we might be too late for therapy — thanks to the wonderful insurance company that refuses to answer its phone, and sends providers on wild goose chases when getting authorization for payment.

I don’t have medical insurance, so I can’t get treated and then tell the various providers to duke it out between ’em. Neither the Orthopedic surgeon nor the PT will start any treatment without getting pre-authorized payments. Don’t ya love our medical system?

Legal, Laws, and Regs

Microsoft settlement

Recovered from the Wayback Machine

I don’t blame Microsoft for the abysmal settlement that’s ticked off so many states (see States urge Microsoft penalties). Corporations work for themselves — It’s the way of the capitalist world. To prevent corporations from being complete assholes, you have consumer and fair trade protection laws such as the antitrust laws, and legal organizations such as the Justice Department to enforce them.

It’s not Microsoft’s fault that the Justice Department’s decision ranks up there with England’s “let’s increase the tea tax for the colonies” as one of the worst decisions in history.