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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Currently waiting on callback from PT about status of worker’s comp claim. Same old BS.

However, the weather is beautiful again today and I’m off to rent a car at Enterprise. I have Christmas shopping to do this afternoon and I want to go for a hobble along Crissy Field one of my favorite places within San Francisco. Tomorrow if I’m stupid enough, I want to go to Point Reyes for a much longer hobble — most likely ending up 4 miles from nowhere with no one around and knee goes out, resulting in a boy scout troop finding me 4 months later after the local seashore crabs have had a full meal deal off my wasted body. Or something along those lines.

Rageboy got a nice review in USA Today and is in a particularly fine mood. I’m happy for Chris, he’s had a bad week and needs positive book vibes. Positive book buys wouldn’t be bad, either.

You know, the problem with writing computer tech books is that you never get reviewed in something like USA Today. Sigh. However, work is progressing on both my Practical RDF and the Unix Power Tools Third Edition books, and that’s a goodness.

Maybe I should write a book on failing systems, based on my “Why Systems Fail” articles — this might get into the mainstream journals. Nah — probably not.