Just Shelley

Bad girl

I still can’t believe my mother sent me a telescope for Christmas. I guess parents know what a kid needs — no matter how old the kid is.

I’m a ba-a-ad, bad girl. I missed the deadline for my quarterly state and federal employer tax filings. I’m late. I forgot. They’ll probably do something nasty to me, now. I’ll send the filings in today and hope that the holiday season will warm the hearts of the California EDD and IRS workers and they’ll be kind to me.

Yeah, right. And a big fat guy with a white beard dressed in red carrying a sack load of goodies is going to break into my apartment at Christmas just to give me presents.

A huh. Sure.


Dave getting over himself

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Last night, Dave Winer had a chance to try out the Segway, the new personal transport device that’s causing all sorts of excitement. In his writeup, he said the following:

“The one negative of the evening was Kamen’s hubris, which he can be forgiven for. I’d like him to be serious, not self-indulgent, if his invention is to have the chance it deserves, he’ll have to get over himself, at least a little.”

How I found out about the writeup is that Dave was complaining in Scripting News that his piece hadn’t been slashdotted by now. Let’s see, now, what was the operative phrase? Was it “…he’ll have to get over himself, at least a little”? Too juicy, man. Just too damn juicy. I love crap like this in the morning.