December 25 2001

The O’Reilly Book Cover Designer is really making the rounds, lately. Well, I had to try it. My results are:

Wait a sec? This isn’t from the generator. This is…this is… this is from my book, Developing ASP Components!

The Designer is fun…but does it have to have an option showing an eagle kicking my asp?

Waeguk is not soup had bondaeggi for Christmas dinner. I won’t tell you what it is other than it’s Korean, and I admire him for having it, and I wouldn’t have it if you paid me my weight in gold. And I ain’t small..

I hope it’s safe to come out — there’s been a lot of wasps flying around lately, and I don’t want to get stung.

I also hope everyone enjoyed my faithless annotation of the classic “The Night Before Christmas”. As a close friend said, it won’t be tops on any parent’s to read lists.

It’s the end of the year, and time to make sweeping life decisions: After a very careful examination of the technology contracting situation here in San Francisco, especially in comparison with the high cost of living which is actually increasing, I’ve decided I’m going to have to bail on the good life here in sunny California. There are contracting jobs in San Fran; however, the rates are dropping, too much to allow a person to keep up with housing and other costs. Add to this San Francisco’s 6.9 unemployment rate, and nuff’s enough.

I really like San Francisco, but I sure moved here at the worst damn time.

I’m not moving necessarily quickly — I have a lease. However, I will be making the preparations to move as soon as a I can. New destination? St. Louis, where I’ll be sharing expenses with my best friend (who also happens to be my ex-husband). Rates are low there, also, but so’s the cost of living.

However, I’m going to miss the ocean. And the Northern California hiking trails. And the Embarcadero. And the Bay and Golden Gate Bridges. And the Bay. And the pelicans.

However, I’m not going to miss going to an SD Forum meeting, chatting with people reluctant to even tell you the name of the company they work for, because they don’t want to be inundated with resumes or cards of people looking for work.