Seven wonders of the web world

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Hey, Blogger was listed as one of the seven wonders of the Web world, along with Amazon, Google, eBay, Yahoo, Project Gutenberg, and Multimap. I’m not into online auctions, and I’ve never heard of Multimap, but I’m a big user of Google, I use Blogger for this weblog (at this time), and I subscribe to several Yahoo groups. And I buy at Amazon (though I’ve been going to B & N lately).

Congrats Blogger!

Just Shelley

My first car

I’m buying myself a late Christmas present — a 2002 Ford Focus SE. It ain’t a Jaguar, and it ain’t a Porsche, but the thing’s a kick in the butt to drive. And it’ll be all mine. My very first car.

Hey, I only got my driver’s license this year. I started to learn how to drive in Boston, and finished up with my test in San Francisco after driving across country (with a co-driver of course) in 3 days. Not bad for someone in their 40’s, eh? Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

P.S. Call me old dog to my face, and I’ll show you that I still have most of my teeth, too..


Another blogger quits

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Another blogger bites the dust — Time for your Meds left weblogging abruptly, posting a note today that she won’t be writing to the weblog…or writing at all. A loss to the weblogging community because Tracy’s writing was always fresh, insightful, and interesting.

I think that weblogging can become such an intensely personal experience at times, that you have to take a break from it or become lost within the postings. Sometimes the break is temporary; sometimes it’s permanent. Regardless, it comes suddenly, leading the weblog readers to wonder at the story behind the end. Whoever said there’s no mystery in life, has never spent time on the weblogging circuit.