Jan 18 2002

Spent the day hiking in the hills north of San Francisco. Nice being away from computer for most of the day. Tomorrow, I’ll try to avoid ALL day. Just cuz there’s a phone, doesn’t mean I have to hook my computer up. Get online. Post.

However, I did want to drop one quick note: Fishrush has pulled the plug on his weblog. I hope my teasing wasn’t a contributing factor. I know that he’ll be missed.


ccomplished a lot this week, including giving Radio 8.0 a bit of a work out with the Burningbird Alter Ego weblog. Changed the template, added posts, deleted posts, did my best to break it – including some things I probably wasn’t supposed to do. As you can see, the weblog even has the same Burningbird distinctive look – early college dorm. I told Dave at the Alter Ego, he done good. Same to the rest of his crew.

Another shock to Dave: I agree with you. Ditto, ditto, and ditto. (And in the distance, the faint sound of one hand clapping…)

As a treat, I and Golden Girl are off and running into the wilds, touring the countryside, seeing how she does on the open road. GG can sure pile it on for a compact. We’ll see how she does on the freeways. Zoom zoom zoom!

All this is my way of saying that you have a small break from both the Burningbird and Burningbird Alter Ego weblogs, lucky buggers. In case you’re wondering where I’m going so you can avoid the highways, I’ve decided to fill GG up, see where the wind is blowing, and then follow it. So unless you’re a long long distance away, you’re not safe anywhere. Now’s a good time to check out public transportation.

After all, if we’re not here to have fun, why bother? <edit />

And while you’re creating those items, a wee bit of music to fill the quiet.

P.S. Jonathon’s kicking butt at Userland’s Buzz Sheet. Blog on, Jonathon! Give Mr. Scoble a run for the top. And who the hell is George Scriban? (Note to Userland folks – need a way to get to the person’s weblog from this page, not their referrers.) <edit />