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Reno calling

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

A quick update because connection charges are ruinously expense at the hotel (Silver Legacy, Reno).

Long trip was cancelled and I’m heading to St. Louis direct. The move this last week was, well, horrible. Thankfully the folks at Delancy Street (non-profit foundation that employs people in various positions), came through and rescued me today, packing up the rest of my stuff. I am sicker than a dog is all I can say.

Heading to St. Lou in easy stages.

Thanks to everyone for the incredible efforts with Thread the Needle, or ThreadNeedle, or Needley. The great thing about this project is it’s the first to be designed via the weblogs.

One thing I have been stressing with TheadNeedle is no popularity – no rank – no listing of buzz – nothing of that sort. We’re here to have a conversation, to connect. Quality of conversation should matter, not quantity of links.

Am I out to lunch on this one issue? Should popularity of threads be denoted in some way?

Looking out hotel window at a massive thunder storm rolling in. I get to drive through my first t-storm tomorrow. Cool.