Daily at the “Daily Summit”

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading David Steven’s frequent World Summit postings at the Daily Summit. Not only is he pointing out pertinent and relevant information of interest (to all of of us), he’s also providing an insider look into the proceedings that one misses with mainstream news reports.

Favorite line today, from recounted comments from NGOs:


“You have to be careful whether you catch him before or after a demonstration. He has a metabolism that thrives on tear-gas.”


Humor aside, hearing about the champagne and caviar lifestyle lived by the delagates who are meeting to, among other things, work out plans to prevent starvation around the world is sadly, and terribly, ironic.

Weblogging Writing

Trying something new

I’m trying something new: as I finish each book on my recommended and want-to read list, I’m attempting to incorporate a little of the author’s unique style into a few of my weblog postings. With this, I hope to get a better understanding of what I liked or didn’t like about each book.

For instance, I tried to use just a little of Sebald’s wonderful stream of conciousness effect from “The Rings of Saturn” in the posting The Three Boys.

Of course, I don’t have Sebald’s amazing ability in this regard, and I can’t possibly match his own unique genius. However, I’m hoping that this effort will allow me to explore the richness of each author’s writing in a more personal way, as well as to experience a little personal growth in my own writing. Trying on new suits to test the feel, as it were


Jamie and the Reality Test

Regardless of the motives, I think that Jamie Lee Curtis’ recent photo shoot was terrific. She’s showing that in the battle with gravity, gravity ultimately wins. She also shows that it’s time to blow the hell out of our fixation on having perfect bodies.

It’s easy to feel beautiful when the world looks at you in approval because you fit the perfect mold of what is “beautiful”. What a kick to dress sexy, post for provocative photos, flaunt the bod when it’s all there. But what happens when it isn’t all there?

Being beautiful should be based on something more than just our hair color, tight butt, or ripe, ruby red lips. And being fit should be something we do for ourselves, to feel healthy, and to stay active. We shouldn’t have to be fit, or skinny, or have plastic surgery, or dress in certain ways just to meet some vapid person’s approval.

I remember when I was much younger, and much more callow, how I would look at older women and think to myself, look at that hair, those breasts, that stomach. Now I look at my own hair, my own breasts, and my less than firm and ripply belly and send a silent and heartfelt apology to every woman I ever maligned in my jejune thoughts.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment I need to keep with the treadmill over at the gym. And when I’m finished with my nice, brisk walk, I’m going to indulge in a nice, luscious, calorie laden mocha Tim Tam to go with my coffee.