It’s the “Baby in the Office” bug

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Dorothea writes:

It’s not leaving. Somebody make it go away! I’m trapped in an office with a baby! Help! ¡Socorro! M’aidez!



Good RSS

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby created an RSS Validator for us to use to validate our RSS feeds, and Bill Kearney was kind enough to host it. Many appreciations, folks.

I ran the Validator against my RSS feeds (both Userland RSS and RDF/RSS feeds) per Mark’s request and as I expected my Userland RSS feed didn’t work, being the old buggy Movable Type .91 RSS rather than the sparkly new RSS 2.0. I thought to myself that one out of two ain’t bad and was going to blow off the result. However, I knew that if I didn’t fix it, some dark and stormy night a Python bot would loom out of the darkness and beat the you-know-what out of my bad RSS file.

Speaking of bandwidth, my bandwidth usage so far this month is over 19 GB – not because of RSS feeds but because of the photos I embed in so many of my writings. That slashdot thing accounted for much of it. I think for the Parable of the Languages sequel , “Babble Meadow: Return of the Markup”, I’ll use a few less photos.

Second Update Phil calls Sam, Mark, and Bill a cabal. I like that. I like that a lot. The RSS Cabal. I think Sam, Mark, and Bill should put that into their weblogs somewhere. And I think Phil should include himself. And let’s throw JoeBen and Morbus in for good measure.

The RSS Cabal – sounds both scary and sexy. Black leather meets high tech.

Third Update There’s something to be said for small groups. The RSS Validator is already on its 1.03 release and it just released today.



Mark: Shelley found a bug.

Sam: Well, okay. What do you want me to do about it?

Mark: Can you fix it?

Sam: Sure.

Mark: Well, okay.

Sam: Okay

Mark (calling over shoulder): Bill, we’re going to be putting up a new release!

Bill: (From a distance) What?



Mark: Okay.

Mark: (Typing into computer) Version 1.02 is out. Fixes…