Working on Techie Stuff

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. What’s particularly rough about this post is a link to a discussion thread I had with Aaron Swartz. Because of legal issues, Aaron committed suicide ten years later— an incredible loss to us all. I just wish we had told him more how important he was to all of us. 

No blogging for me until the RDF book is finally finished. If it seems to be taking forever, it feels that way to me at times, too. However, there’s been many a change since I put fingers to keyboard for first word of the book and writing has morphed into re-writing and re-writing.

Additionally, in the last few months I’ve promised some tech tools and utilities to people hearabouts. I’m not coming up for air until these are finally done and published for people to use if they have an interest.

In the meantime, Lawrence Lessig has responded to some of the questions about the Creative Commons license, here and here. No answers, but responses. (Thanks to Denise for pointing these out.)

I have continued the CCL discussion over at the metadata discussion list attached to the CC web site. As you can see by my comments on the thread, my fractured writing is a good indicator of my level of frustration related to the discussion.

Back to book. Back to code. Happy New Year.