Email problems

I had email auto responding on and off this week and just found out today that it was not forwarding emails on to me. I’m not sure what happened to the email, but it didn’t get through to me.

If you’ve sent an email, especially in the last week, and have been expecting a response, you might want to send it again because I may not have received it.


The sun’s always shining somewhere

Farrago has been introducing us to her home in a series of photographic essays from out and about in Sea Point, South Africa.

If you’ve never had a chance to see Farrago’s photographs, you need to take some time, now, and look around; especially if you’re in the northern hemisphere and facing snow, sleet, and frozen rain like we had in St. Louis today. The sunny, warm, and brightly colored pictures from Sea Point are more than enough to make you feel absolutely toasty.

Of course, for those who live in the southern hemisphere and who are faced with high heat, I’ve saved a nice snowy, cold photo, just for you.