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Server update

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The money received from the sale of Threadneedle, combined with the other money you were all kind enough to contribute to a server will enable me to get a dedicated server. I’m looking at RackForce, a Canadian provider. Then, if what I write becomes too hot for Mr. Ashcroft and Mr. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld, they can’t have the content pulled since the server will be, in effect, offshore. And I plan on writing a great deal of hot things in the months to come since the current administration looks to be up to its old and bad games again.

I’ll have enough room to provide homes for other webloggers who have run into some financial challenges and need a place to stay but don’t have a lot of cash. This will be the start of that co-op I’ve talked about in the past, and something I’m looking forward to working with.

I also wanted to extend a thank you to AKMA, for suggesting the name of “Threadneedle” for the application that led to the domain. With the new server, I would have the capacity to work on the Threadneedle application, except now that we have Trackback, it’s not needed. However, I have some other things to work on, which I’ll roll out if I ever complete them. Except this time, code first, talk later.