A last note on the comment controversy of last week: another problem with the weblog owner annotating what they consider the ‘flame’ portion of a comment is that their interpretation of what is a flame may differ from others.

When it looks like the application of annotation edits is inconsistent, when the owner doesn’t annotate their own posts or specific individuals, the situation not only degrades further, but the ill effects can extend beyond just the one posting.

Best to just let people blow off steam, ignore the taunts, ignore the troublemakers, accept that people get cranky on certain subjects and go on. Life happens.

’nuff said on this topic, eh?


I can really hurt myself now

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The server’s operating system has been reinstalled back to a nice clean pristine Linux install. Without the network management software, must start from scratch – which means take hands off keyboard and think about what I’m going to do, and in what sequence.

I’m impressed with the ISP, Rack Force so far. Good answers, fast responses. What’s more important, I have a great deal of confidence in the technical ability of the support crew.

I’ve never had a web server machine with its own T1 line all my own to configure. I know Linux, and I know web, and I know network – but there’s always been that buffer between me and the nasty world. Well, there still is because the ISP maintains the hardware and network, provides system support, and I’m having them run the firewall and do the backups. I’m adventurous…but not that adventurous.

All these years of being online and this is the first time I’ve had the power of the machine at my fingertips. I can feel it…I can feel it brothers and sisters…I have the power…


Uh, ooops. Sorry. I lost it a moment. Co-op members, no worries. You can trust me. Sure you can. Yup. Remember the operative term: No fear. No fear.

Speaking of which, time to introduce the brave souls who will be taking the co-op challenge. I’m doing this now so they don’t chicken out:

These are brave lads and lasses and deserve a hand for becoming part of this experim…urh…adventure. Once we’re up and running and have everyone ported over, we’ll begin to open the doors, carefully. The goal is a self-supporting server, with fast publication and access times, safe and reliable, hacker resistant, 99.9% uptime, and plenty of space for pics, archives, and what not. Piece of cake, right?

If you’re interested in joining this little party at a future time, let me know.

More later this weekend as I get the first group weblog up and running.