Today’s digital postcard

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The fog was out today, but not so heavy that it triggered the fog horns on Golden Gate. Too bad, really – the fog combined with the horns is unique and one of my favorite experiences.


No dogs on Dog Beach. It looks like pooches are now banned in an effort to protect the wildlife. I can understand the choice, but I did enjoy watching the pups play in the waves.

Still, I imagine the birdlife on the beach is pretty happy about the new laws.


The Ferry Building is finished and the Tower Clock was working when I drove past it to get to the hotel. The Famer’s Market has moved there, and I plan on visiting the building first thing in the morning. I remember the Ferry Building as a hulk of a building, with only the steel frame and front and what was left of the tower.

The park along the Embarcadero where I used to live, down by the Bay Bridge, is also finished. Looks like a huge Bow and Arrow sculpture has been added. Another place to visit tomorrow.


Having a great time. Wish you were here.


Just Shelley

Moving to the beat

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I spent the morning pulling boxes and furniture down from piles and placing the items into the storage unit’s hallways. I opened several boxes and pulled out some favorite books I didn’t want to lose – GravitationThe God ParticleVisionBotticelli’s Dante, which I picked up at the show in London, and my hard to find books on faceting and various other bits and pieces.

As I was dragging a load down to the van, a professional mover who was helping someone else asked if I was trying to move the stuff all by myself. I must have looked pretty pathetic because when he was finished with the move, he came over to my unit. Ten minutes later, everything was back in the unit, the remaining boxes I needed to look through pulled out and a space provided to push the boxes back. What would have taken me half a day took him no time at all. And then he asked me out dancing Friday night. He said that he’d been taking Salsa lessons and wanted to try them out.

Well. Well. Of all possible outcomes from the day, this is one I didn’t expect.

Salsa dancing aside – and I love to dance – I finished what was a two day job today, thanks to Geraldo’s help. I salvaged what I needed and pulled down the gate and walked away from the rest, never to see it again.

Even with the help, my back is killing me tonight, so I ended the day walking along the Dog Beach, letting the sand and the fog and the pelicans do their magic, sipping on a latte as I treked through the sand. It was a wonderous day – sunshine, fog in from the ocean, cool, but not too cool. More of the same tomorrow and Friday, and I hope I can move tomorrow because I want to explore the newly renovated Ferry building, and walk along the Embarcadero. Friday, I’m thinking of driving around the golden circle. Not sure about Salsa dancing Friday night.



In San Fran

Arrived in San Francisco last night. I’m staying in a wonderful hotel near the Embarcadero that I found through Hotwire. I’m amazed at how much I could save – enough to be able to afford to stay at this hotel.

The Wayward Weblogger co-op is going very, very well. Still work to do on it, the weblog statistics package is strange and I want to install a different one. There is a problem with MT and timezones and I’m wondering if it has to do with my setting the machine clock to GMT. Any ideas?

I’ve also got to install email filters at the server – I’m getting close to 600 emails a day now with all my weblog domain names. I can’t find the legitimate emails at this point.

Much to write on but first, work before pleasure. I’m off to the storage unit to spend a day unpacking and repacking boxes.