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A year ago today

I’m off on new adventures, pursuing new dreams for a time; ones that aren’t found in front of a computer, so I’m putting this weblog on hiatus for the nonce.

I am going to miss all of you, more than you’ll know. Thank you for making my life richer. I hope when I restart this weblog, I can return the favor.

You’re all the very best. And while I’m gone…

The following is interpretive art based on new social patterns mixed in with contemporary communications and a dash of textual expressionism forming a piece I call “Ghost in the Weblog”.

A Year Ago Today, October 12, 2003, We Met. We talked. We expanded. And then the Net closed in. We reduced. We compacted. The energy was too much, the space too tiny, and we burst forth with wit, despair, beauty and brilliance, laughter, anger, tears, and, ultimately, cat. We never forget cat. Cat is our anchor when our heads float too high, and we begin to think we’re Gods on a Wire, like pigs on a stick.

A year ago today we talked about…