Sponsoring squid people

Danny Ayers posted a note about funds and looking for work, sponsorship, or patronage.

Since RSS is the new ‘hot’ thing and people are throwing around money as long as whatever technology being funded has “…and RSS” attached to it, Danny has to be a hot property right now. He recently wrote a book on syndication feeds, “RSS and Atom Programming” and has been involved with RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom, and all variations in between. From the beginning, and indepth.

More, Danny almost always maintains his courtesy and humor when dealing with the world of syndication. This absolutely blows me away, because I lost both in regards to this particular topic recently — as will be apparant with additional writings this week.

Anyway, Danny’s a sharp cookie, knows programming, knows data, knows markup, knows RDF (but don’t hold that against him), knows RSS (hey Harvard guys — hey!), and has several mouths to feed.

(Well, okay, Basil and the cats including my godkitty, Sparql. Still, Basil is a big dog.)


How many emails?

If I’m part of the squids, at least I’m a Giant Squid if my email popularity has anything to do with it. I woke up this morning to find 56,770 emails in my general email account. It would seem a host of hackers used ‘’ to send both phishing and virus emails throughout the world. Most of the entries back were those misbegotten, stupid automated replies that say something like, “Your email has a virus and therefore you’re trashed with us, Bud. Have a nice day”.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t in Japanese. And Korean. And Russian. French, too. And German…

Which is my way of saying, if you’ve expected a reply from me and haven’t received one, I would suggest sending the email to my gmail account, listed in the header bar.


Squid blogging

Thanks to my fellow Sisters of the Giant Squid, I discovered there are two weblogs devoted exclusively to squid blogging:

Squidblog and Squidblog.

(I think a perfect squid weblog name would be “Architeuthis Blog” myself, but this might be a bit obscure.)

Both sites provide a wealth of information about the world of squids, including a re-release of photos of the Colossal, which I had not seen previously.

In honor of these new discoveries, and in empathy with the concept of being just squid in a world of Top Dogs, next Friday I’m calling for Squid, rather than Cat, Friday. Why? Because it seemed like a good thing to do.