Great book give away

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

While Zoe is in the kitty hospital, I’m taking advantage of not having my typically very curious kitty getting into everything and am cleaning out my closets. I also need to make room for a bookshelf in one closet in order to, hopefully, start filling it with new works.

I had planned on bringing the rest of the complementary book author copies of my Unix Power Tools and Practical RDF books down to SxSW to give out, but that plan fell through.

So, instead, if you send me an email or leave a comment and agree to pay packaging/shipping, I’ll send you a copy of either Unix Power Tools or Practical RDF — signed, if an author chicken scratch counts for something. When they’re gone, I’ll post a note.

Now, I realize that you’re not getting your copy in a fancy house, after being fed all sorts of nifty foods, but you’re not having to pay for it, either. So, you can take the money you save by not having to buy either, and treat your significant other to pizza in a nice place. Oh what the heck: and buy yourself a beer, too.

With email and comment requests, the UPT books are all gone. Still some Practical RDF to give away.

Update Well, that’s it, all gone. If those who have snagged a copy, chicken scratch and all, could send me your address, I’ll get these out this week.

Just Shelley Technology

Are black holes Firewire or USB 2.0?

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

What’s spooky about cleaning out closets, and I mean really cleaning out closets, is all the stuff you have that has absolutely no value.

For instance, I have about 100 zip drive disks. I’ve long gotten rid of the drives, as well as the computers that take floppies.

Then there are these power cords for what, I have no idea because all the devices I can find have their cords.

I figure I have 2437 parallel printer cords, and 193 miles of cable wire. These go nicely with the 87 kilometers of ethernet line.

What is this? What is this? I haven’t a clue what it is. It’s black and plastic, that’s all I know.

Why does one woman need 13 maps of California?

I have instruction manuals for microwaves I got rid of 8 years ago. And I still have Microsoft CDs from 2000. If I owned an orchard, I could hang them from trees to scare away deer and birds. Since my roommate has declined to play Cubical War, I might as well toss them.

One can have too many pens.

I have several hundred slides of lava lamps.