Look who came in from the cold

Tim Bishop at Geodog spotted the new post at Mark Pilgrim’s weblog. It’s all about bathin’ the baby. I personally liked the Beta patch in the corner–very 2.0.

Whether Mark is continuing the weblog is hard to say. According to Mark in discussion at Sam Ruby’s weblog:

Funny story, vaguely related: I was at FOO Camp last fall, and struck up a conversation with someone who (1) was familiar with the Syndication Wars, and (2) had been a regular reader of my blog in its day. He asked if there were any circumstances under which I would resume blogging. I replied — I am not making this up — “when hell freezes over, or Cadenhead switches to Atom.”

Well, Rogers Cadenhead did switch to Atom.

There are a few people who have gone quiet or closed down their weblogs I would like to see weblog again. Mark was one, Jonathan Delacour another, and wouldn’t mind seeing Alan Moult weblog again (Leatherwood Online is a lovely site–but I miss the personal stories). I’m also not sure what happened to Yule Heibel–her weblog seems to have disappeared.

There are others who are gone I miss: Baker’s Dozin, Farrago among them. But hey! Look at that! A picture of Mike Golby. And Frank Paynter isn’t missing, he’s just moved to a site called Listics.

Anyway, good to see Mark Pilgrim fill in this particular textarea.