Again, one of the lucky ones

Again, just like with the summer storms, we were one of the lucky ones. Over 30% of our zip code is without power, and over a half million people all total are without electricity. Ameren says this is the worst storm to hit this area–following on the worst storm to hit this area last summer.

The phone goes in and out, and I’m posting this during an ‘on’ time. I just finished chiseling my car out from the block of ice that contained it. Well, I chiseled enough to get into the car and then with the door open so I could see, drove it over to a sunny spot to get a little solar help.

I gather last night we had blown transformers (and that was a strange and rather unnerving sound all night–like big bugs getting caught in even bigger bug zappers), but we also had thunder and lightning. Lightning with this kind of weather–it’s unnatural.

Anyway, if the power holds, and my arms can continue to be raised up to my keyboard, I’ll post a few pics. They don’t do the surroundings justice, though. It is so beautiful.