IE8 readiness and MIX08 keynote

Update Oops! Available now. For those continuing to click the download button, IE8 will be available at 2pm PST, which is 4pm CST, by my SVG clock. More later, but we can confirm that IE8 does not support the XHTML MIME type. My opinion, based on what I’m reading and seeing, Microsoft will never directly support application/xhtml+xml. Or SVG. Or MathML. And will probably cherry pick on what to support for HTML5.

I guess IE8 beta will be available this week to the public. Anne pointed to the IE8 “Readiness” page at Microsoft, though the download links aren’t active. I imagine they’ll be active after today’s MIX08 kickoff keynote.

Speaking of which, Neowin has links to the keynote video stream. They keynote is at 9:30am Pacific time, which is 11:30am my time. Check my SVG clock–if you’re using a browser that supports SVG that is.

I might as well give a heads up that I may not be a particularly good mood later in the day.


Bye Dare

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Now that’s really unhappy news this morning: Dare Obasanjo is quitting his weblog. Dare’s been around weblogging as long as I have, and I’m sorry to see him go.

Dare’s always had challenges with what he could write in his space. He’s an outspoken person who doesn’t hold back criticism, even about his own employer (Microsoft). In addition, he’s also the son of Olusegun Obasanjo, so anything he writes, or doesn’t write, bounces against a global political wall–not to mention it would creep me out to know I’m regularly read by most of my family members.

I can understand him saying, whoa, enough. But I’ll still miss him.