SVG Technology Writing


I’ve not been the best at keeping up with my writing at my various sites. I have been writing, though.

I have a two-part article up at A List Apart: Using SVG for Flexible, Scalable, and Fun Backgrounds, Part 1 and Part 2. Though Microsoft still hasn’t implemented SVG in IE, with the company’s new membership in the SVG Working Group, there’s new hope for the future. And I cover how to use a JavaScript library, SVGWeb, to work around the lack.

I’m also finishing a new book for O’Reilly: the JavaScript Cookbook. It promises to be a big book, which isn’t surprising, considering how much JavaScript has advanced. I’m also incorporating the relevant bits from the HTML5 specification, though I have to be careful, as we don’t know which bits will remain, and which removed before Last Call.

Speaking of which, I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time with the HTML WG. I have about a dozen Change Proposals coming up in March, which I’ll write about here, when finished. Among them is one to remove one of the more recent additions, the iframe srcdoc attribute. This example for this new attribute is the following, for weblog comments (the use case for the new attribute):

 <h1>I got my own magazine!</h1>
 <p>After much effort, I've finally found a publisher, and so now I
 have my own magazine! Isn't that awesome?! The first issue will come
 out in September, and we have articles about getting food, and about
 getting in boxes, it's going to be great!</p>
  <p>Written by <a href="/users/cap">cap</a>.
  <time pubdate>2009-08-21T23:32Z</time></p>
  <footer> At <time pubdate>2009-08-21T23:35Z</time>, <a href="/users/ch">ch</a> writes: </footer>
  <iframe seamless sandbox="allow-same-origin" srcdoc="<p>did you get a cover picture yet?"></iframe>
  <footer> At <time pubdate>2009-08-21T23:44Z</time>, <a href="/users/cap">cap</a> writes: </footer>
  <iframe seamless sandbox="allow-same-origin" srcdoc="<p>Yeah, you can see it <a href=&quot;/gallery/cover/1&quot;>in my gallery</a>."></iframe>
  <footer> At <time pubdate>2009-08-21T23:58Z</time>, <a href="/users/ch">ch</a> writes: </footer>
  <iframe seamless sandbox="allow-same-origin" srcdoc="<p>hey that's earl's table.
<p>you should get earl&amp;amp;me on the next cover."></iframe>

Just in case you’re curious, no, I’m not particularly fond of weblog comments as escaped HTML within an attribute on an iFrame.

I’ve also been playing with the new Drupal 7 alpha in my copious spare time. I won’t be moving my sites over to Drupal 7 until a stable release, but I do have a “play” site. I like the new release, though I wasn’t terribly fond of the admin overlay. However, the new admin overlay can be turned off. In addition, I re-posted all of the pages, and comments, from my older WordPress weblog. It takes up little room, and ensures I can find, and link, some of my older work. Plus, folks can find their comments. I was impressed with the fact that WordPress was able to upgrade my old site, without a hitch.

So much to write, so little time. Today, though, it’s snowing, and I haven’t had a walk outside since the weekend. Enjoy the articles at A List Apart, and more writing here, soon.