Give the respect we get

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I believe I’ve found all the representatives who voted to gut Proposition b, but who came from districts that supported Proposition b. They join with the four State Senators, who also voted against the wishes of the people in their districts. There were several others who I didn’t list whose districts were split almost right down the middle—they’ll have to figure out what they’ll tell half the people come election time.

Though Proposition b was bi-partisan, with significant support among Republican voters, the Republican representatives were more willing to disregard the will of the people than the Democrats. However, I think every state Senator and Representative who voted for SB 113 and who comes from a district that supports Proposition b should be held accountable, and should answer one question: why?

Why did they let us down? Why did they not represent us? Hubris? Indifference? Arrogance? Political ambition? Why did they think so little of their districts that they showed us such disrespect?

I noticed during the debates on SB 113 and HB 131, that more than one representative expressed umbrage that people would dare call them up and just tell them how to vote. How dare we show them such disrespect? Don’t we know that’s not how things work in Jefferson City?

What is inherently wrong with the members of this General Assembly is that they have become so caught up in their own importance that they forget that they are accountable to the people in the districts, not the other way around. We don’t have to come to them, hat in hand and ask pretty please, Representative Sir or Senator Ma’am, but can I have my vote?

We give the respect we get. I have no respect for representatives who don’t respect the people of their districts. I have no respect for representatives who let special interests undermine the basic foundation of our government.

It’s plain for all of us to see: you sold us out.


Thank you to those who tried

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I wanted to send a thank you to State Senators and Representatives who tried to protect Proposition B:


Thank you to Senator Jolie Justus, not only for her spirited defense of Proposition B, and our vote, but also for attempting to add an amendment to send SB 113 to the people for a vote.

Thank you, also, to Senator Jane Cunningham, who asked a very relevant question during the Senate debate on SB 113: what about Proposition B was left unchanged? Senator Parsons could not answer this question.

A personal thank you to my own state senator, Senator Eric Schmitt—not only for supporting Proposition B, but also for kindly letting me know how the vote went as soon as it happened.

Thanks to the other State Senators who voted against SB 113 and for Proposition B and the voters of this state:

Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal
Senator John T. Lamping
Senator Jim Lembke
Senator S. Kiki Curls
Senator Ryan McKenna
Senator Tom Dempsey
Senator Luann Ridgeway
Senator Timothy P. Green
Senator Robin Wright-Jones
Senator Joseph Keaveny
Senator Will Kraus

House of Representatives

I wanted to give special thanks to those who tried to add amendments to SB 113. They were treated with great disrespect by the SB 113 supporters, and were barely allowed to speak on the House floor. Both Representative Loehner and Representative Tilley displayed bias in their handing of SB 113, and several SB 113 supporters demonstrated lack of decorum.

Thank you to Representative Scott Sifton, who tried to add Amendment 1, returning the words “The animal’s enclosure shall be cleaned of waste of waste at least once a day”. Evidently, Representative Loehner felt this would be an undue burden on the breeders.

Thank you to Representative Jill Schupp, who tried to add Amendment 2. I couldn’t quite tell what this was, and it was declared out of bounds, so it wasn’t printed up in the House Journal. I’ll try to decipher what it was from the recording.

Thank you to Margo MacNeil, for attempting to add the space requirements back in with Amendment 3. Representative MacNeil also raised a spirited defense of the voters in her district, and in the state.

Many thanks to Representative Eileen McGeoghegan, who attempted to add Amendment 4, which would add back in the breeding cycle restriction. Loehner et al actually laughed her down when she was trying to explain her amendment. There was more than a hint of sexism with Loehner and his cronies in how they responded to the women representatives. I’ve noticed this with the debate on other bills, too.

A personal thank you to my own Representative, Jeanne Kirkton, not only for her vote and original support for Proposition B, but also for her help with trying to get information out of the Department of Agriculture’s antiquated and barricaded paper-and-box filing system.

Finally, my deep gratitude for the other Representatives who voted against SB 113:

Representative Sue Allen
Representative Ira Anders
Representative Bert Akins
Representative Cloria Brown
Representative Susan Carlson
Representative Chris Carter
Representative Pat Conway
Representative Gary L. Cross
Representative Rory Ellinger
Representative Sally Faith
Representative Gary Fuhr
Representative Don Gosen
Representative Marsha Haefner
Representative Ben Harris
Representative Jason Holsman
Representative Penny Hubbard
Representative Leonard Huges IV
Representative Jacob Hummel
Representative Timothy Jones
Representative Tishaura Jones
Representative Jason Kander
Representative Chris Kelly
Representative Andrew Koenig
Representative Michele Kratky
Representative Sara Lampke
Representative Brent Lasater
Representative Jeanie Lauer
Representative Mike Leara
Representative Nick Marshall
Representative Karla May
Representative Gail McCann Beatty
Representative Tom McDonald
Representative Eileen McGeoghegan
Representative Kevin McManus
Representative Cole McNary
Representative Margo McNeil
Representative Tim Meadows
Representative Chris Malendorp
Representative Genise Montecillo
Representative Myron Neth
Representative Stacey Newman
Representative Mary Nichols
Representative Jeanette Mott Oxford
Representative Sharon Pace
Representative Mark Parkinson
Representative Jean Peters-Baker
Representative Tommie Pierson
Representative John Rizzo
Representative Ronald Schieber
Representative Vicki Schneider
Representative Jill Schupp
Representative Scott Sifton
Representative Ryan Silvey
Representative Clem Smith
Representative Sheila Solon
Representative Churie Spreng
Representative Mary Still
Representative Rick Stream
Representative Jay Swearingen
Representative Mike Talboy
Representative Sylvester Taylor
Representative Rochelle Walton Gray
Representative Stephen Webber
Representative Anne Zerr
Representative Jake Zimmerman

Senate Journal Entry on day of SB 113 vote (pdf)

House Journal Entry on day of SB 113 vote (pdf)


MOFED campaign contributions ethics violation

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Interesting. The primary group against Proposition B, then and now, is MOFED: Missouri Federation of Pet Owners.

Evidently they violated Missouri Ethics laws regarding recording of campaign contributions. It does seem as if the group didn’t report expenditures in a timely manner. Normally, this is something I wouldn’t bring up except this violation touches on one of the major anti-Proposition B campaign arguments: that HSUS spent so much money and the other side spent hardly any at all.

Well, we now know the “other side” didn’t include the $350,000 paid by Forrest Lucas directly on advertising. And the “other side” seems to have missed additional money spent on the campaign against Proposition B.

Not necessarily a biggie, but if we have to do Proposition B all over again (via citizen referendum) because Governor Nixon signs SB 113, we need to be more wary of the “other side” and their haphazard campaign financial reporting, and their campaign contribution claims.

Missouri Ethics Commissions Consent Order

MOFED or an associated organization, filed an ethics complaint against Missourians for Protection for Dogs, the main Proposition B organization. This complaint was found to be unsubstantiated and unfounded, and was dismissed.