MOFED campaign contributions ethics violation

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Interesting. The primary group against Proposition B, then and now, is MOFED: Missouri Federation of Pet Owners.

Evidently they violated Missouri Ethics laws regarding recording of campaign contributions. It does seem as if the group didn’t report expenditures in a timely manner. Normally, this is something I wouldn’t bring up except this violation touches on one of the major anti-Proposition B campaign arguments: that HSUS spent so much money and the other side spent hardly any at all.

Well, we now know the “other side” didn’t include the $350,000 paid by Forrest Lucas directly on advertising. And the “other side” seems to have missed additional money spent on the campaign against Proposition B.

Not necessarily a biggie, but if we have to do Proposition B all over again (via citizen referendum) because Governor Nixon signs SB 113, we need to be more wary of the “other side” and their haphazard campaign financial reporting, and their campaign contribution claims.

Missouri Ethics Commissions Consent Order

MOFED or an associated organization, filed an ethics complaint against Missourians for Protection for Dogs, the main Proposition B organization. ThisĀ complaint was found to be unsubstantiated and unfounded, and was dismissed.

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