SB 161 vote in Senate

The reps literally ran SB 161 from the House to Senate and instituted a vote on the senate floor. The move was so quick, the senators were confused and they had to run the debate and vote again.

I was so disappointed to hear Jolie Justus join with the rural legislators in order to throw HSUS under the bus. The Democrats felt it was more important to back Nixon than to back their own voters. And they did the worse thing possible: they attacked a national organization with numerous members in this state, in order to ensure the Democrats win the governor’s election in 2012.

This is the worst form of political expediency. We talk about the political shenanigans on the Republican side, but what about the Democrats? Well, as we can see, they’re not above playing political games. After all: it’s just dogs, right?

I’m a Democrat but I have no pride in my party today. None at all.

Legal, Laws, and Regs Political

I can only imagine

Susan Redden in the Joplin Globe on Governor Nixon’s “solution”:

I can only imagine how the lawmakers must feel after passing legislation and then seeing the governor turn around and propose his own plan. They must feel like the voters who passed Proposition B.



Just a quick note to say our area was not hit by a tornado.

St. Louis did take a significant hit, though, and there are other parts of Missouri that were also hit by tornadoes. To compound the problem. rain is expected until next Thursday, so we’re also expected to get flash floods and river flooding.

Our airport also took a major hit. One jet was actually gently lifted up and moved from one gate to another.

So far, no reports of any serious injury or deaths. The reason why the injury count is so low is because we had ample warning, most folks were at home and off the streets, and the timing was such that most people were awake and aware. In addition, most of the structures hit were either solid enough to protect the people, or had basements or other emergency areas.

However, there’s a lot of people who no longer have a home in St. Louis.

This is the second major tornado system to hit St. Louis in less than 6 months, and our peak tornado season doesn’t hit until May.