Meet the Reps who let you and the dogs down

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a nice article listing the reps from the St. Louis area who voted against their district.

These people pretend that this was compromise, but what this really is, is politics as usual. They voted for SB 113 in order to get support for their pet project, or to curry favor with the Missouri Farm Bureau, or maybe they just don’t like dogs or voters. You know, uppity voters daring to bring about law all by our lonesomes.

Linda Black didn’t even have the guts to vote at all—evidently, her husband, Dr. Jon Hagler, the current Director of the Department of Agriculture, has more influence on her than the people who vote in her district. She, at one time, said she’d support the people of her district and would support Proposition B. So much for standing by the people who vote you in office.

It’s smoke and mirrors: the kind of back room deals that have undermined the public’s respect and trust in their representatives.

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