When a backup isn’t a backup

Recently I ran into some problems when I upgraded my server to PHP 7.4. The problems were solvable but I figured I’d revert to my installation pre-PHP 7.4 upgrade and then work the issues off-line. But when I tried to re-install my system from a backup, all hell broke loose.

Just Shelley

Same Old Me

My previous weblog theme featured a very large photo as header, taking up the entire page before you would get to the writing. When I got a 4k monitor, the graphic didn’t upgrade that well, which made me realize how having a graphic play such a prominent role just wasn’t going to work.

(It hasn’t helped that Google constantly nagged me about problems with the design.)

Time for a new theme. And if I’m going for a new theme, I’m going as minimal as I can, and here we are. This WordPress 2020 theme is very basic, but the focus is where it should be: on the writing. It’s plain, just like me.

Since I made a break with the past in the theme, I decided it was also time to start using WordPress’s new block editor, Gutenberg. The editor is definitely a major change, but workable. I especially like its ability to incorporate images that work with the text regardless of how you view the page.

One of the little guys that has made a home around our place

New city. New state. New little neighbor. New weblog look. New weblog editor.

Same old me.


The Software Ate My Vote

I had no idea when I moved to Georgia that I’d be moving to the center of the political universe. Nor that I would be spending my time deflecting vicious comments away from a Republican Secretary of State. But here I am.

Sample from SoS Raffensperger Facebook Page comments

I’m not surprised that Trump is spending his time crying “Fraud!” when the election didn’t go his way. I am surprised that Georgia’s senators, Perdue and Loeffler, would parrot him; especially considering they’re up for a special election come January 5.

Consider this: Perdue and Loeffler are spreading baseless rumors, attempting to discredit the votes of people they need in order to hold on to the Senate seats that have been such a lucrative bonus for them. They turned against Georgia state Republicans to do so, standing firmly behind Trump who lost by over 12,000 votes in our state.

Trash the voters you need in defense of a man the voters don’t want. It boggles the mind.

Perdue and Loeffler put themselves into this position because they’re terrified of the Trump supporters, such as the mental wizards displayed in the comments in the image at the start of this writing. I’d feel sorry for them if I weren’t enjoying watching them try to fancy foot their way off the ice of their own making.