A cup of coffee

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Dropped a cup of coffee on my light colored Berber carpet this morning. Well, doesn’t this type of thing start your day off right?

Speaking of coffee, and conversations over same that occur between friends, I found this week that I had lost a friend. No, no, not that kind of loss. The person is whole and healthy and happy.

No, what happened was the start of a conversation where one begins to fill in the blanks; the fun process of discovery and shared communication. And then events changed, and perspectives changed, and communication stopped, and a friendship died aborning. You don’t have years invested so you can’t cry tears when a friendship stops before it even has a chance to start. However, you’re left with the feeling of reaching out for the brass ring, and then the ride ends.

Time for another rub at the carpet with my handy spray bottle of Simple Green. Wouldn’t it be nice if they invented transparent coffee?

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