A return to writing

The next three days are going to be horrid, weatherwise, so I can return to writing. In addition, I’ve had a response from the MediaWiki developers and a solution to the problem with the wiki may be in sight, soon.

I have a couple of essays on Smart Mobs, one using photos (natch), and a couple on Collaboration that I hope to get through tomorrow, and then I’ll be finally caught up. I did hesitate though on some of the writing.

Though I can write with a velvet thread one moment–the words soft on the page, melancholy and bright–the next I’ll dip a hawk’s feather into a fine vintage acid, and etch my words into the aether. Did I want to be critical at the Kitchen? Scathing? Biting? Burning?

Luckily, I hesitated only a moment, so my usual writing will be appearing tomorrow–after I have my fix of weblog writing here, and posting some photos ; photos I hope you’ll find interesting. I can guarantee there will be some different views.

I did want to thank all of those who have participated so wonderfully on the first day. Not only with writing, but also comments, and stylesheets. Maybe it’s just me, but the Kitchen has a very alive feel to it; I wonder if it’s because there are no barriers to entry, and all views are welcome and treated equally? Somewhat like weblogging, eh?

Many thanks, and I hope everyone had fun, and continues to have fun.

Now, before I start posting photos and related writing, a bit of lovely whimsy. Rob from UnSpace passed on a new, and rather interesting meme that’s making the rounds:

Lynn at Reflections in d minor asks “What would your blog look like if it were a room?” She has many answers over at her blog.

I responded to Rob that I would have to find the aftermath of a barroom brawl to photograph to represent my weblog.

Still, there are those moments of velvet, soft and sensuous, when I barely touch the page, and your attention, with my words and photos. Or other times when Pan has me in his grip, and I jump about the page in mad abandon. Also, let’s not forget the science and the technology, when I try to channel Einstein, and usually get one of the Marx brothers, instead.

What kind of room could contain this madness other than a padded one? So that’s what my blog would look like, if it were a room.

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