Just Shelley

A Seventies kind of thing

Drugs – Sugar Bowl Park, where rich family members came out to play Frisbee and the rest us came out to pop a little speed. Don’t let those Just Say No ads fool you folks; the only time we acknowledged that this country had a drug problem is when all those rich kids started getting high. Before that it was all Sugar Bowl.

Trip over the mountain – met these two little old ladies in a white van going across the pass from Reno to Sacramento. One lady was the mother of the other which seemed al-most un-believable to such young eyes when I realize how OLD the daughter was. And the mother had a wooden leg. Now, if you are going to cross a mountain pass in a snow blizzard this has got to be a one of kind way of doing it.

Berkley — There it was, the Mecca for all the flower children all over the world. All of us lined up for probably about 5 miles with cardboard signs saying “Seattle” or “New York” or “London”. Now, I can give you Seattle and New York, but London? Did these people really think that someone would be on their way to London on an expressway outside Berkley? It was a gimmick. We were learning even then. No wonder we grew up to what we are today.

Ketchup – a favorite way of attracting attention at demonstrations was to wait until a camera was near, try and get some poor fool of a cop to come near you, and splat – hit yourself in the head with a little bag of ketchup that you keep in the palm of your hand.

Pad – Cheap living room in a cheap apartment in a dirt cheap city with beads on the door and a mattress of the floor. Boones Farm wine in the fridge, and a water pipe on the table. Nothing more than a place on the way to somewhere.

Commune – Group love, group dishes, group dinner, group getting stoned, group love, group showers, group trips, group hugs, group work. Oh, and group love.

Sunrise – Through a halo with dancing colors and walking with Blue and friends to a cheap diner that stays open all night.

Rock – Far out man, groove to the tunes. Let it all hang out. Dance to the music, baby. Dance.

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