Accessible web pages

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Jonathon Delacour is reviewing Joe Clark’s Building Accessible Web Sites. In addition, he interviewed Joe and will be posting results of the interview over the next few days. This promises to be excellent reading, and I do want to get the book when I can scrape the pennies together.

I used Mark Pilgrim’s Dive into Accessibility in the current re-design and re-organization of my web sites. Between the two — Mark’s online book and Joe’s hard copy book — I hope that I’ll be providing accessible and usable pages, in addition to meeting the CSS and XHTML 1.0 strict specification validation criteria.

Oh, and I’ll be using RDF as the primary data structure for the applications I’m integrating into the site. I am just as determined to make RDF as friendly and usable to all of you, as Mark, Joe, and Jonathon are determined to make web pages accessible to those who need this effort.

I will make even the most RDF-resistant among you into RDF appreciators, if not out-and-out RDF fans. It is my goal. I have a mission.

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