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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Practical RDF is heading into the production process and when next I see her, it will be as proofs. Talking with Simon, it sounds like the book will hit the streets in July.

July is a good time to release a book. Better than now.

The tech book industry has been taking some severe hits lately. The book publisher WROX went into bankruptcy leaving authors unpaid. In fact, many authors only found about the closure of the company through online lists and weblogs, though it sounds like the WROX staff made efforts to notify them the day before the doors closed.

O’Reilly itself has had to do some downsizing recently in some of its divisions. This is particularly difficult for O’Reilly because the people that work there are a very close knit group.

Anyway, I thought I would publish the dedication section of my acknowledgement because several of you are mentioned. Hopefully you’ll all be pleased. And Tim Tams and Godiva Chocolates would be a suitable thank you.

(Just joking.)

Books don’t get written in a vacuum and this book is no exception. I’d like to thank some special friends for their support and encouragement during the long, long period this book was in development. This includes my best friend, Robert Porter, as well as ++AKM and Margaret Adams, +Jonathon Delacour, Simon St. Laurent, Allan Moult, Chris Kovacks, *Loren Webster, Jeneane Sessum, Chris Locke, **Dorothea Salo, and others I’ve met in the threaded void known as the Internet. Thanks friends. It’s finally done.

*Who doesn’t like all this sappy, mushy stuff. Heh.
+Who likes cherries.
**Who should houseboat the Mississippi!
++ Who has neat new digs – but what’s with the chicken logo?

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