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Ads are gone

Here are some of the photos from today’s Alley Spring Mill trip. I need to return in about 3 weeks when the trees have started to green. And I also need to go about mid-morning, when the light on the Mill will be better.

It is a wonderous place, though. As was all the countryside on the trip down, even in winter with barren trees.

You might notice, if you access this post individually, that the ads are gone.

After reading several negative posts about AdSense this week from people who read my weblog–two new ones just today–I have decided to remove my ads. Since I don’t provide full content in my syndication feeds, I don’t want readers to have to install special software to remove the ads just to visit my site.

The money from the ads would have been enough to pay for my web site, my internet connectivity costs, and maybe even enough left over for a Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. However, I also didn’t like seeing the drilling ads come up with my ANWR writing.

Which is too bad, because I really like Ted Drewes.

Speaking of ads and making money, AKMA wrote on this today:

But y’all didn’t start blogging just for my entertainment. If blogging is putting bread on a few tables, buying toys for a few kids, putting together the down payment for a newlywed’s house, then I’m the last one in line to bemoan times past. It’s all changed, but do you know what? It was going to change anyway. It was going to change anyway, and while it’s changing, there are no people I would rather have those changes benefit than the wonderful friends I met back when none of us was making a cent off blogging.

Odd thing about all this is, of all the changes I’ve seen over the years–in the character of our writing, our interests, and who we interact with and how–making money or running ads was never a cause.

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