Already feeling the effects

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Today, President Bush will address the nation with his rationale for a pre-emptive strike against Iraq. I would say that if the increase in noise of this issue is anything to go by, I expect to see a strike sooner rather than later. And I still don’t understand the frenzy associated with Iraq, and with our having to strike now.

The likely invasion of Iraq is polarizing this country as it hasn’t been since the Vietnam war. And along with the moral, civil, and legal implications of our launching a first strike against Hussein, we can now add an economic impact: in my area at least, several major employers have halted hiring at this time, awaiting ‘further developments’.

For someone who opposes a hasty first strike against Iraq without UN support, careful thought and pre-planning, and a very real consideration of the lives that will be lost, this situation is disturbing. Being unemployed only makes the situation even more frustrating. If that makes me selfish, I guess there are others who are also selfish — or is worried the better word?

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