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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I only show comments on recent posts in my sidebar, but I may change because I’ve been getting a lot of interesting comments on older posts lately. I think the pickup drivers who have a confederate flag in the back of their trucks have discovered weblogging.

For instance, in Ladylike Behavior, a post that talked about Jessica Lynch, among other female warriors, a writer named Erin wrote:

She got caught !!!!!!!!!
What about the men and women that died fighting for their country…..?????????? Where is their movie?? What about their families..She is going home..they aren’t..What’s so special about her ??????
That’s what I’d like to know…………She goes home, writes a book, makes a movie, must be nice.
Let her be the one to let the parents or loved one be told someone has died..Is she brave enough to do that ?? I doubt it !!!!

I don’t think many of us are brave enough to face a mother or husband or daughter and tell them someone they love isn’t coming home because we just had to go to Iraq this year. I mean, if our President and Vice-President and Secretary of Defense can’t face them, how can we?

But look – Jessica did come home after shooting her way past the evil Iraqi and being rescued from the evil Iraqi. Oh wait a sec – wrong script.

Then in Dixie Land, the post about the Confederate Flag pickup driving good ole southern hicks, anonymous writes:

Yeah, Dan that stat about the Klan membership in Connecticut is accurate (in fact, at one point during the peak of the Klan’s power, CT actually had the second highest rate of Klan membership). There is intense division and tension in CT between the urban and the rural areas. Also, in CT there has been a long history and pattern of extremely violent and cowardly black on white crimes. For your continued edification on the matter: most recently a young, white female who was a graduate student at the University of New Haven was dragged out of her car at an intersection one night by four “African-Americans”, whereupon they proceeded to a)kidnap her, b)gang-rape her, c) beat her to the brink of death, and d)leave her bloodied body laying in the woods for dead. Now I know Dan Rather didn’t tell you about that one, and I know there are no MTV sponsored candle-light vigils for the victim (because, hell, she’s only white–it’s not like she’s gay or hispanic or something where we could pin an “ism” on the savage animals), but rest assured, that incident is only one of many, many crimes like that which have been committed in CT by our “African-American” community. As usual, the local news would not call it a hate crime, and in fact, all of the stations except for FOX would not give a description of the savage monkeys for fear of “placing minorities in a bad light.” And as usual, the Democrat machine in CT is silent (as well as the rather effeminate Republicans). Go venture into the farmlands and woodlands of CT however, and into many of the white, working class neighborhoods of the old mill-towns—-you’ll see more rebel flags than if you were in Mississipi, and FOR GOOD REASON. The hate in CT is only increasing, as more and more white youths in CT are beginning to turn their backs to the social indoctrination machine of the public school system and open their eyes to the cold, ugly reality of black America and the absolute moral cowardice of the Eminem worshipping liberal machine. Call me a racist, a Nazi, or whatever witty phrase or term that meets your fancy, but deep down in the guts of your WHITE mind, you know us north-country white wolves are RIGHT. Just go walk through their free housing (what some call “projects”)some time. (And no, I’m not a Klan member)

You think I should hide comments like this? Why? These people are out there – trying to pretend that we’re all one big happy family, that being black in this country is no different than being white, that the hate is restricted to the south, tell me: who is that helping?

Finally, tonight, on the post The Pledge about the phrase …under God, a person who calls themselves a ‘true American’, wrote:

Our constitution is based on the bible as a tool that teaches morality and law because in the 1700’s we had no law enforcement apparatus. The laws taught us by the Bible, and the belief in Jesus Christ, is the very basis of our nations government. Like it or not, you sorry non-believer liberals are wrong, and should move to some country you where you will be accepted. I hear France is accepting imigrants.

Of course, this follows on comments:

Our country was founded on God! People wanted religous freedom. And read the Constitution right, it says seperation of the state from church. meaning the state is not suppose to control the church. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in God. You can’t erase our history. And our country’s foundation is built on God.You can’t change that.


You are all so worried that having God in our country is dangerous, but I’d be more afraid of a world without God. That’s probably because without God there would be no world in the first place.

Let’s see, I read this as four votes for Bush, one for the Dems. Dean, Clark, Gephardt, and the rest of you kids – you’re just going to have to do better if you want to be elected next year.

At this point, Lolita and viagra-rx don’t seem all that bad.

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