And another into the dead zone

Just when you thought that we were going to have a typical weblogging Dead Zone (i.e. the weekend), more juicy tidbits pop up.

An open letter from a neighbor to the North: You have become a nation of monsters, America. Hypocrites. Murderers. Fools. And an accompanying MeFi thread.

We in the US are more than aware of what’s happening here, and many of us are doing what we can to counter actions of Bush, Ashcroft, and others. Perhaps if Mr. McDougall spent a little more time on the internet, reading, and a little less time writing uncontrolled, vitrolic, and counter-productive rants, he might meet a few of us “Americans” who aren’t monsters, hypocrites, murderers, and fools.

(But I wouldn’t recommend he start with Metafilter.)

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