And the Missouri Smoke and Mirrors Continue

Attorney General Koster has come out with a look how much we care about the doggies site, which is basically a load of bilge water.

Two breeders have been closed down. Two. And both breeders were allowed to hold on to their dogs until resolution of their cases, and one is even allowed to breed dogs again in six years.

I don’t really care about the political party of all the people involved, because both Democrats and Republicans have tried to help the dogs, and both Democrats and Republicans have done a lot of damage to the cause of animal welfare in this state. What I do care about is truth, which is sometimes hard to see when politicians use so much smoke, and so many mirrors.

This little joy-joy announcement was a good reminder, though, that I need to re-focus back on my Missouri Kennel Campaigns. Currently I’m going through the entire USDA APHIS database, as well as other resources, finding what I feel are the worst breeders. Then we’ll start the battle anew.

Because contrary to what the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation states, contrary to what Governor Nixon, Director Jon Hagler of the MDA, and AG Koster claim, things are not better for the dogs in this state.

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