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And the patient had chains

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

More adventures, but Golden Girl had to sit this one out. Today I went to San Francisco General Hospital for an abdominal CT scan. The scan was interesting, but the waiting room was more so.

Once I turned in my paperwork at the X-Ray department, a nurse brought me into the CT waiting room, which was currently occupied by an inhabitant of the California Penal system, complete with orange prison jumpsuit, leg chains, and a police escort. After a brief moment of surprise, I entered the room and sat down across from the prisoner, bringing out my book to read, trying not to show that I was listening in on the conversation between the two.

It seems our man in chains had a daughter who was just about to graduate from high school and he wouldn’t be able to attend because of something to do with the prisoner’s victim. I believe the words were something to the effect of:

“Of course I’m mad at him. He’s kept me from my daughter’s graduation. If he thought I was mad before, he should see me now.”


“I know I was a little violent, but how long am I going to have to continue paying?”

The deputy answered with a succession of “uh huhs” and “don’t knows” all the while reading a newspaper.

In preperation for my CT Scan the nurse, a really terrific guy with tatoos on all of his fingers, brought out this raspberry substance I needed to drink. The prisoner laughed and asked why I got refreshments and he didn’t. I explained that the “juice” contained iodine, which would help with the visibility of the scan results. We then chatted about this and that until he was escorted in for his CT Scan.

Nice person, really. I figured he couldn’t be too bad if his “victim” was still alive…unless his victim’s dead and the guy is crazy as well as violent…

Anyway, when my turn came around I was led into a large room with a huge machine and a table that was centered into a hole in the machine. I laid down, trying to maintain some modesty with those ridiculous hospital gowns. The nurse then brought this rather intimidating thing over that had some slightly iridescent, clear liquid. As part of my CT Scan, I also got an IV “contrast”. Double the pleasure, double the fun. Between the raspberry juice and the contrast, I now officially glow in the dark.

Fun, fun, fun.

Speaking of adventures and Golden Girl, if any of you ever visit San Francisco holler and I’ll take you on Bird’s Golden Loop. The loop consists of Golden Gate to Sir Francis Drake Blvd to Point Reyes and back via Highway 1. I don’t think there’s one single inch of this drive that isn’t jaw dropping gorgeous.

I drove the loop yesterday and along the way I saw seals, hawks in the air, quail by the side of the road, snowy egrets and other magnificent birds in mud flats and marshes, tall trees, gold and green fields, meadow flowers, fog shrouded hill tops, and awe inspiring ocean views.

I stopped at one point to get a picture of one of the beautiful snowy egrets that was standing in a small pool of water by the side of the road. However, when I got carefully out of the car, camera in hand, the bird turned, looked at me out of one of its eyes, and gave me one of the dirtiest looks I’ve ever had from a bird.

Uh, got the message in one; I got back into car, and left the birdies alone.

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