Apologies to Doc Searls and friends

My apologies to Doc Searls for defaming his good name with my unwarranted attack upon him, and my injudicious use of “sexist” in reference to his statement.

And I apologize to three fellow webloggers for getting on their case, and asking them, in quite strong terms, to drop this whole thing: Jonathon DelacourMike Golby and Dorothea Salo. I started to indulge in friendship censorship, and that’s wrong. In particular, Jonthon was extremely careful with seeing both points of view on this issue, as well as kind and generous with his understanding of what led me to my remarks; Mike tried to lighten the situation, to find the humor in it; and Dorothea was a staunch defender, of me, of my concerns, and of the principles behind which good debate occurs. Not one of the three deserved me getting in their face about this issue.

Sometimes one gets hurt and lashes out. The only problem with lashing out, though, is people can weary of it, and then one is left alone.

(Doc has a couple of current postings on this, but his permalinks aren’t working so you’ll have to go to his weblog and scroll.)

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