Area 44

Today was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, and I headed to Area 44 to see if the dogwood were in bloom yet.

Found plenty of blooms, but no dogwood.


I won’t go to Area 44 in the summer because the ticks are so thick there, but I wanted to catch the dogwoods this year. I walked along the trail, facing into the sun, but couldn’t see any blooms. When I turned around, silhouetted against the dark blue sky, I could see hundreds of trees with new barely new buds. I couldn’t see the dogwood because the light was in my eyes. Next week, though, the area is going to be thick with blooms.

On the way back, I was amused to see the remains of an old property sign in the stream that cuts through the conservation area. It’s not unusual to find all sorts of things in the waters of Missouri because of flooding.

Anyone want some prime Missouri flatland? Near the water.


I’m still taking photos. I’m just not particularly worried if they’re ‘commercially’ viable. Which means I don’t have to lug around 20 pounds of camera equipment, and take photos other people want.

Just me and my digital, looking for neat opportunities.


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