At the fork of an ugly road

An older woman with a cricky knee and tired faced, but with a twinkle in her eye and a sashay in her hips, was walking along a path one day when she was faced with a fork in the road.

She looked down the first path from the fork but all she could see was a pack of snarling dogs, and she grew sore afraid.

“If I go down that path,” she thought. “I’ll be torn to pieces, that’s for sure.”

She started to go down the other path when, all of a sudden she beheld a huge dragon sitting in the middle of it! It looked at her in a hungry manner, while smoke come from its nose, and fire from its mouth. She was so afraid, her knees shook. Yes, even her cricky one.

“If I go down that path,” she thought. “I’ll be burnt to a crisp, or sat on and squished.”

At that moment, a shadow fell on her and looking up, she beheld a beautiful, huge eagle circling above her. The sun reflected on its golden wings and she found comfort in its wise, dark eyes.

“If you stand over there in the clearing, my lady,” she heard the eagle say. “I’ll grab you by the shoulders and carry you to where you want to go.”

“Then you won’t be torn apart by terrible dogs.”

“Then you won’t be burnt or sat on and squished.”

The lady was thankful and hastened to the clearing. The shadow grew larger and she felt the wind from the mighty wings beating all about her. Quicker than a cat snaps the neck of a finch, she felt two clawed feet clasp her gently by the shoulders and carry her, oh so softly, aloft.

Away from the dogs.

…Away from the nasty dragon.


……………to the eagle’s nest, where she was dinner that night.

The moral of this story? At the fork of an ugly road, turn around and go home.

The. End.

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