I’ve missed the last few “Hey! Look at me!” fests. Let’s catch up quickly by saying, I’m not People Ready. In fact, I’m never ready for people–they astonish me so–and no, I didn’t buy an iPhone.

The uproar over the iPhone and its supposed revolutionary impact on the phone industry reminds me of another successful product launch, long ago. The company selling the earlier item ran a rather exciting and innovative marketing campaign, implicitly promising a life changing experience for those lucky, and adventurous, enough to put down the cold hard cash.

There was no Steve Jobs in black shirt, but the product was introduced to the world at the 1964 World’s Fair, as well as all three major networks. When it hit the streets, the vendors were overrun. Literally overrun. Within 18 months, over a million had been sold.

Yet, I look around today and Mustangs are no more common than any other car. Maybe Ford should have stuck with black, after all.

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