B & B toss up

I have to go to Ann Arbor, Michigan in the next couple of weeks, if the weather holds, to visit a very specialized store, to get material to make a very specialized, but late, Christmas present. Being Michigan, December is not the best time to travel in the state, so I thought I would check out B & B’s because if I’m going to be stuck in a place for a couple of days, at least I would have people to chat with. Additionally, if the place I pick is interesting enough, perhaps even be able to take some photos.

I found a listing of two B & B’s in the area that caught my attention right off:

The Library Bed and Breakfast

Books, books and more books! Choose from the Poetry, Fiction/Mystery and Miniature/Pop-up bedrooms. Loose yourself in the Rare Book Living Room full of many special book collections, a complete kitchen and share a Go Blue! Bathroom. Short walk to campus, sports and downtown. Full literary breakfasts! Walking maps available to all libraries, bookshops and museums. Truly a book lover’s delight. $$

The Eighth Street Trekker’s Lodge

Fun, relaxed and adventurous. An 1875 home with a Himalayan theme, five blocks west of Main Street. Royal Nepal guest room with twin beds and shared bath, rock garden and mountain stream in the attic. Customized adventures trekking in the Himalayas in Nepal. Himalayan Bazaar in the garage and Everything’s Art Gallery. Hungarian watch cat and vegetarian breakfast included. $-$$

Upon further investigation, I found the following about the Trekker Lodge:

My cats name is Frederika. Like the tigers in Nepal, she will hide from you most likely. You will be lucky to see her at all. But if she does let you pet her, be aware that she has claws.

Having looked forward to a feline friend to cuddle with, I was rather disappointed to read this. I looked further at the Library, and ended up finding a host of literary theme-based lodging, such as the Artful Lodger. But how can I resist The Burnt Toast Inn?

Easy, when there’s an inn called the Vitosha Guest Haus, with a description like the following:

An English Gothic yet cyber-savvy inn featuring feather duvets, fireplaces, and afternoon tea. Located in a historic church complex on the University of Michigan campus. Formal breakfast in a cottage flower gazebo garden with a stone teahouse. Pets in residence. Rooms with private baths and DSL

Would an English Gothic with a formal stone teahouse, a Frank Lloyd Wright church attached, owls in the rafters, with DSL and duvets have pets that will cuddle with me?

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