Just Shelley

Bad Knee

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Walked to Pier 39 tonight. Weather was very pleasant, and crowd was fun. I got some silly socks for my brother and his family for Christmas.

Walking back, my knee gave out completely and I literally couldn’t walk at first. I managed to hop to a wall to sit until the pain stopped a bit. I grabbed the streetcar and was finally able to make it home, though going was slow.

I hurt my knee when I tripped over computer cables while working at what is now the defunct The orthopedic surgeon I saw recently thinks I may have broken my knee at the time and have damage now. I’m supposed to try therapy for several weeks to see if we can avoid surgery, but the insurance company is being extremely difficult. As an FYI, If your company has Liberty Mutual for worker’s compensation insurance, all I can say is good luck if you get hurt on the job. Cheap assholes.

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