Social Media

Bang bang bang

From the department of you’ve got to be kidding I give you RSS 3.0:

Welcome to the RSS Version 3 Homepage. This site strives to create expanded and complete standards for syndication of online content – more specifically, it aims to recompose the RSS Version 2.0 standard due to underdocumentation and lack of concern towards modern necessities. Our goals are to provide at least one complete standard for common use under the Attribution/Share Alike Common License.

Brought to you by Slashdot–the organization that has conclusively proven that there is no tire so old or bald that it can’t be ridden on one more time.

Best response, from post at Danny’s given by David:

*bang* *bang* *bang* (head against desk)

A close second in Slashdot:

Basically, it’s all a bunch of pointless dick-waving.

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