Bark alert and religious bigotry

There’s a particularly nasty commenter who states he’s a dog breeder, and goes under the moniker of “getemout” or “1getemout”. He’s a real piece of work, but tonight, via comments he made to the same article as the Rep. Berry conversation, I have a good idea where some of the 300 Bark Alert calls originated.

Mr Berry- as a USDA/State licensed breeder I will tell you where to look for the Puppy Millers. We had an influx of ‘breeders’ move here religious group ‘Amish’. They hide behind their religion, no elec., running water, you get the picture, right? I have turned several of them over to my state inspector, but they are difficult to ferret out. No telephones, no vehicles (although they’ve found ways around these) no drivers licenses’ no licenses of any type

They don’t use Veterinarians they do they own vet services, they dont call vets, and they certainly don’t drive the horse to town for a dog! Tell your people, that’s where your greater concentration of bad breeders are, and they’re selling the Hell out of puppies. We don’t like them either- they don’t pay their fees/dues that we do.

This person is a piece of shit, pardon my expression, but there’s no reason not to believe his comment.

The Amish have become dog breeders—in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and here in Missouri. But not all Amish are dog breeders, and they certainly aren’t the worst breeders in Missouri.

Regardless: this breeder—and how many others?—is using Bark Alert as his/her own personal lynching rope and white sheet. So the plan is to give more money to Bark Alert?

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