Baseline library

I’ve only downloaded it and started playing, but I like the idea of a JavaScript library based purely on implementing standards. Small and lightweight, Dean Edwards’ base2.DOM provides a good baseline for development without worrying about interesting proprietary extensions and recalcitrant browsers.

Not that I’m naming names.

Edwards’ library does provide support for the older 5.x versions of IE. Those are browsers I won’t support anymore. I realize there are people using version 9 of the Mac OS or other equipment still loaded with the 5.x versions, and that not supporting old browsers limits their access to applications. However, as long as any JavaScript-enabled application has a non-script enabled alternative that provides the same functionality, I’d rather just turn off any script effects for such instead of adding enormous amounts of code to deal with the idiosyncrasies. Thank goodness for the concept of progressive enhancement…and nice, small footprint JS libraries.

As for the Edwards’ self-deprecating reference to base2.DOM not being a documented library, JavaScript libraries don’t have to be documented when they’re small, use meaningful naming standards, and are easy to read. Note to Dojo: this doesn’t mean you.

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