Behold the lowly toilet

Charles from Disinfotainment is posting videos of various aspects of Japanese culture, including this this one on a program to upgrade bathrooms within the educational system.

What’s interesting about the program is that the students have a say in how the bathrooms are designed. In addition, they also have to maintain the bathrooms. I imagine that the students do take greater care when they have to take a turn doing the cleaning.

Charles clarifies that contrary to western assumption, not all of Japan is living with the latest and newest of bathroom appliances; a significant percentage of the country is still using the old style of Japanese toilet, which is nothing more than a trench in the dirt.

Young students are also being taught how to use western toilets, the same as most of us would have to learn how to use the Japanese squat toilet. It makes me hurt, just to look at it. Great way, though, of making sure your populace stays flexible.

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