Best laid plans

…of mice and writers.

Unfortunately I had to cancel my trip, as much as I really wanted to go on it.

Frankly, my book is in a bit of trouble right now, and we, the publisher and myself, are trying to work through the rough spots. It is an unusual book, with an odd name and the publisher is concerned about marketing aspects of the book. Rightfully so – putting a book out on the street is very expensive, and if you don’t sell a set number of copies, you can lose a lot a money.

Welcome to the book biz. For those who think that all there is to a book is selling the original idea, signing a contract, and then writing the book – think on. It’s a difficult, wearing task from start to finish. For everyone.

With this uncertainty, though, I can’t afford to spend the extra money on this trip, even with staying at cheap hotels. I haven’t told my roommate yet, and I so hate to disappoint him.

Come to think of it, I’m not too happy about this myself, either.

But, the sun is shining in Missouri, and the ground may actually be thawed enough for me to get out and do some walking. I guess I can make myself scarce during the day, and we can just pretend I’m not home.

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