Bombast transcripts

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I was going to have a contest for describing what the new iMac looks like, but I really MUST focus on work and corporation filings this week or my editors and/or the IRS will came and take me away.

To self: Take your hands off the keyboard, and back away slowly from your weblog...

Besides I want the prize, The Bombast Transcripts, for myself. And none of you could beat my entry:

    • The new iMac looks like a big pimple waving a white flag.

I give up! I give up!
And next time, I would suggest that Apple save the really big hype for really big news; for instance, that the company is going to support a port of OS X to the Intel architecture.

You’re just going to have to buy your own copy of Chris Locke’s new book, The Bombast Transcripts.

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